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Why buy my package?

It’s an affordable full package website to get you started right away; everything is taken care of from professional designs to implementation and essentials like hosting and domain registration, plus other integrated website elements and features to make your own custom website ready to go for a total online presence.

I have your back; I take care of your brand/website design and development (the technical side) so you can focus on your business. With free unlimited support to boot. It’s a great deal! 🙂

Why order now?

There’s no time like right now. Why wait when you can expand your global reach in at least 10 business days.

This is a “first come, first served” basis (after a certain number of ongoing projects) so book now while there are still slots for this month. A notice will be posted once slots are fully booked for this month and succeeding buyers will be carried over to next month or waiting list.

In addition, early birds get freebies in the form of a feature/function of your choice; i.e. extra form, slider (which is included in the Niche package, like an upgrade, if for example you selected the Basic package), or Adsense integration (listed on separately paid features) perhaps, etc. We shall discuss in detail once we commence.


I got the skills, years of experience and creativity to make your awesome web presence a reality.

You correspond directly and work closely with the designer/developer so everything is communicated first-hand, thus a more personalized service.

I’ve worked most of my home-based and freelance years with international clients/employers (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, and more) that outsource contractors for majority if not all of their web services.



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