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This is pay-as-you-go, charged-by-the-minute, as-needed/part-time basis WordPress tutorial and/or support. We work on your current task or needed support and/or follow a curriculum/course outline.

WordPress Tutorial

  • Anything WordPress tutor; WordPress specialist here: have done many WordPress sites for many years. It’s currently my main proficiency and focus.
  • ideal for beginners to intermediate levels
  • or ad hoc tasks support
  • and practical guide to creating your own custom website
  • one-on-one live Skype walkthrough and/or email instruction/support with visuals
  • price is $160 per set of 4 hours ($40/hr); consumable/valid within 30 business days/1 and a half months)

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Schedule an Appointment Presale Inquiry / Paid Session

Web Hosting

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    Benefits of working directly with the freelancer (web designer/developer) = Me 🙂

    • no agency fee or lock-in period/contract: pay-as-you-go and charge-by-the-minute prepurchased blocks of hours that you use within the service consumable period at your convenience whenever you have task that I can help with
    • faster turnaround: normally within 24 hours + direct correspondence with the one who’s doing the actual work: we could start work immediately if you have the task specification and payment ready to go; you could email or buzz me on Skype to check current workload or availability
    • first-hand knowledge tech support from the one who’s doing the work
    This also applies to non-Wordpress web tasks/support: this service also caters to; HTML, CSS, PHP, email template, email marketing, social media, research, user testing, etc. Just email your requirement so I can review and will feedback if it’s something I can help with.
    Lower hourly rate for regular/retainer/part-time collaborations. Advance payment is an SOP (for all clients and service, like any other business). I guarantee work: I only accept work/task that I can do.