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Tools of the Trade

These are free and premium recommended tools I use on this site.

One way of monetizing your website is to start with the services you’re already using by signing-up on their affiliate/referral/partner programs if they have.

Like what’s done here, I utilized those that have such program to earn commission for every referral that purchased through the links below and throughout this site.

It could also be a product/service you just like that happens to have an affiliate program, without you having purchased or paid anything. Although it helps having first-hand experience and knowledge of the product for you to vouch for it and promote well, you could learn about it in many ways for free.

Thank you very much in advance to those who decide to sign-up/buy using the resources links below (at no extra cost to you): all square banners (the first small four and the six big) on this page or below are affiliates, the rest are open-source or free theme and plugins.

Web Hosting


This is my second hosting company. I wanted to try out a new service for this (also) second site of mine, also to explore new providers.

Though I’ve worked on many web hosting servers before from clients projects, I chose this after googling several best hosting companies; they rated high on customer service and specialize in hosting WordPress websites.

So far, so good.

This hosting and domain service is one thing you can’t afford to settle with a free.



I just recently implemented this scheduling software on this site with a free account that can be extended to paid, according to desired customization and needed features. It offers more than just an appointment scheduling tool.


I get to use this for one of my clients. They have wide selections of great stock images and has a lot of the flat, vector or illustrated type of designs/images that I usually go for.

Currently, I just use free googled stock images, I don’t use much at the moment. If I were to sign-up to a paid one, should the need for extensive use of mainstream photos arise, this would be it.

Cyberghost VPN

Cyberghost VPN

One factor of internet speed is your global location and also your ISP (internet service provider) or internet plan speed and data usage. Speed affects your online productivity. Using a VPN (virtual private network) helps make it faster, secure and unrestricted: make other countries websites that may be blocked in your country accessible to you.


Probably the best free website content management system (CMS), need I say more. 🙂






Other premium services I also use and recommend.



I can also help you set up and/or customize your Shopify store. You can purchase blocks of hours here (minimum is 5 hours at $200, consumable/valid within 30 business days or 1 and a half months), for pay-as-go and as-needed service/work.

Just indicate on the “What do you want to learn or need support with?” field your requirements or task specifications and will contact you shortly, and/or you may email or buzz me on Skype.