Hello World!

Welcome to my blog. Finally, my first-ever blog post. It’s about time. 🙂

As of this writing, this site already offers several services that you might be interested in or in need of.

Being a web designer, my main product or service is web design and development. You can check out the Packages page for your all-inclusive online brand. These include hosting and domain, logo and template designs plus popular and essential features.

I also offer WordPress tutorial and support, given that WordPress is my main proficiency and work focus now. Have worked on many WordPress tasks or sites that gave me broad exposure and experience with this platform. You can purchase a set of hours that are consumed at your convenience, or hire me for as-needed or part-time basis.

A new addition to the services is the Tarot reading. It’s a long-time hobby that I practice on and off for years with myself and others. Was able to earn from it as a sideline on many occasions. I thought I offer it online too for those seeking some insight and guide from this medium or just want to try something different.

There are a lot of plans for new services, products, and income-earning program for users, so watch out for it.

And of course, this blog which will post topics of just about anything, basically highlighting happenings here on the site; offerings and promos, tutorials, software reviews, and other great stuff you can also peruse or emulate to maximize earning capabilities on your site which is the aim of this site for itself as well.

One key aspect that I will also be sharing here are bits and pieces of my journey to financial freedom – the goal for this year (I’m claiming it 🙂 ), with online passive income business; google/think many internet mavens that’s killing it.

Will immitate successful entrepreneurs by using their business models; how are they doing it, what tools they’re using, etc. But mainly will capitalize on my skillset as a web designer and maximize free tools with similar features or functionalities, first and what I can do myself without having to use premium services as much as possible.

Basically, to implement what’s working for them onto this site on a smaller scale or level and laid-back pace to start with while supporting myself financially, in the meantime, with designing websites and freelance web works – currently where I’m at or my work status. And, hopefully gain some footing to financial freedom with automated online passive income within this year.

Essentially, this also serves as a case-study website for testing money-making online ventures.

So I invite you to join me on this journey. Check back from time to time.

Till next post. Thanks! 🙂

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