How to Start a Website in Under an Hour

Whether you’re looking to start a blog, an online profile, a website for your business, or just any kind of online presence, setting up your own website nowadays is easier, with one-click installers in most hosting services.

In this post, I will teach you how to set up your website with the tools I use on this very site, in 3 simple steps;

1) sign up for a premium hosting with Siteground (domain name registration comes free, bundled with the hosting as in most hosting companies)

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Hello World!

Welcome to my blog. Finally, my first-ever blog post. It’s about time. 🙂

As of this writing, this site already offers several services that you might be interested in or in need of.

Being a web designer, my main product or service is web design and development. You can check out the Packages page for your all-inclusive online brand. These include hosting and domain, logo and template designs plus popular and essential features.

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